Why is it important to care for your children’s teeth?

Did you know that tooth decay (dental caries) is one of the most common chronic diseases in children? It is five times as common as asthma!

Caring for your children’s teeth and keeping their gums healthy from the time they start teething will help keep cavities, infections, and pain at bay. Further, decayed baby teeth can cause damage to permanent (adult) teeth.

Having a regular hygiene routine with your dentist is one way to go. But, you also need to ensure that you follow good oral hygiene practices at home. If you notice white lines or spots on your child's front teeth, contact the dentist as these are early signs of decay.

Children with special needs

If you are making an appointment for a child who has special needs, please speak to one of our friendly reception team so we can work through a process that will best suit you and your child. Call on 03 9571 6667 to book an appointment.

Your child’s first dental visit

The first dental visit for a child should be scheduled around the time of their third birthday if there are no concerns that would warrant an earlier visit. The most important aspect of the visit is getting to know and trust our practice, dentists, and staff. A pleasant, comfortable first visit fosters trust and helps your child relax during subsequent dental visits. Allow your child to sit on your lap during your next visit to our office while you have your teeth examined. 

Preventative procedures for children

Our preventive procedures are designed to keep debilitating dental diseases like dental caries at bay. Fluoride treatments are available to deliver fluoride to the teeth and strengthen them against cavity formation. Dentists also apply fissure sealants to teeth that are more prone to food accumulation and thus decay.

Tooth fillings

If your child has a cavity, the dentist will fill it with dental filling to preserve its chewing function. Our specialist inchild dentistry at DentalCare Carnegie aims to treat symptoms and prevent early tooth loss.

Tooth extractions

There are several reasons why the dentist may need to extract a tooth. These are some examples:

Over-retained deciduous teeth:

Baby teeth in some kids tend to remain in the mouth for too long and hinder the eruption of permanent teeth. When this occurs, the over-retained deciduous tooth must be extracted to allow the permanent (adult) tooth to erupt properly.


If your child's teeth are overcrowded, the orthodontist may recommend tooth extraction to make room for proper tooth alignment.

Infected teeth:

A dentist would have to extract a severely decayed tooth. This happens when there are several cavities, especially in deciduous teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child's appointment is a special time! Its our opportunity to help you as parents guide your child on a path of good and sustained oral health.

We have two points of entry to our clinic. Our clinic is located at Suite 1, 61 Koornang Rd Carnegie. Entry 1 is located on Rosstown Rd. Entry 2 is located on Koornang Rd. You and your child/children will be entering via Entry point 2, on Koornang Rd where our friendly team will be waiting for you.

There is parking available on Koornang Rd (1 hour parking), Rosstown Rd (2 hour parking) or around the corner at the Woolworths car park located at 11-29 Kokaribb St, Carnegie (4 hour parking). The Koornang Rd Strip is renowned for its eateries, Asian fusion cuisine, shopping and has a lovely, child friendly library and small outdoors play area. You and your child will enjoy your visit to the street!

Upon your arrival into the clinic, you will be met by one of our friendly reception team. We will welcome you and your child with a warm smile and, introduce ourselves to your child. We will confirm we have all of your details (new patient form if you are a new patient) and any other details we need such as insurance / Medicare details.

While you and your child are waiting for your appointment, you can select from any Netflix or YouTube shows in the waiting area. Please feel free to ask the reception team to change the show if you think it will help your child relax.


We also have a range of Nespresso coffee and T2 Herbal Teas for parents to enjoy.
When it comes time for your child's appointment, your child's Clinician or their dental assistant will come into reception and call out your child's name. You and your child will be welcomed into one of our treatment rooms.

The clinician will discuss your child's medical and dental history with you in detail and, will then ask your child is she can have a look in his/her mouth. The clinician may dictate some notes to her dental assistant while performing a visual check inside your child's mouth and ask to take some diagnostic images such as x-rays or photos with our digital intraoral camera (This kind of looks like a pen). From here, the clinician will discuss her findings with you. If any arrangements need to be made for further treatment, it will be organised for you before the end of your visit. All of our clinicians are very approachable and welcome you to ask any questions or relay any concerns about your child's oral health and oral development.

The main objective throughout the appointment is to keep your child calm, cooperative and feeling secure.


We have partnered with Afterpay, ZIP pay and HUMM pay. If you would like to find out more about these options, please contact one of our friendly reception team prior to your appointment.

Our clinic bulk bills for all children who are eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) (up to their allocated limit).

Getting your child ready for their appointment

Set the scene...

For younger children, you may like to show them one of the following clips to get them prepared for their appointment.

We are looking forward to meeting you

A friendly welcome from our team!

What Our Patients Say

Diane Carrick
Diane Carrick
Thank you so much to Julie and her Team for looking after me yesterday at such short notice. Great care and wonderful treatment. Already have my next appointment booked with her for follow up work. Extremely happy
satyaki dasgupta
satyaki dasgupta
Very nice and friendly team. All the dentists are excellent in their job and give comfort of the patient utmost priority.
Joe Zhang
Joe Zhang
I can't recommend Dr Jason Ying highly enough! His patience and clear explanations regarding my dental issues were incredibly reassuring. He took the time to ensure I understood my treatment options and developed a comprehensive plan that addressed my concerns. Exceptional care all around!
amanda nicol
amanda nicol
The team at Carnegie Family Dental are professional and caring. Their hours are convenient and there’s a great selection of Dentists to choose from, all of who are excellent!
Our experience with Dr Annie for our toddler's dental visit was fantastic! She was incredibly patient, attentive, and professional throughout the appointment. Couldn't have asked for a better dentist for our little one!
James Patishman
James Patishman
This dental care clinic exhibits exceptional professionalism and a commitment to patient satisfaction. Alex, in particular, demonstrated remarkable diligence and patience in providing dental care. I highly recommend this clinic for its outstanding services.

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