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Is it necessary to replace a lost tooth?

Modern dentistry is focused on prevention of tooth loss. Unfortunately, there are times when an extraction is inevitable. This may be due to a cracked tooth, an infected root, or extensive decay. While the loss of a tooth can be very upsetting, many people quickly adapt to eating and chewing in such a way as to utilise their remaining teeth. However, there are modern, relatively pain free ways to replace your lost teeth, and many good reasons to do so!

#1. Other teeth can loosen and shift/tilt into the empty space.

When all your teeth are in place, they help keep each other in order. If you’re missing a tooth, however, your teeth may shift into the gap, leading to changes in your bite, potential gum disease, possible tooth decay, and difficulty in replacing the missing tooth later.

#2. Your face could change.

Your jawbones need stimulation to avoid atrophy. Teeth are essential to this as the force of biting and chewing travels down the root of your teeth into the bone, helping to keep the bone dense. When you lose teeth, bone begins to weaken, and its density begins to decrease. If you are missing multiple teeth in the same area, or all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, this degradation becomes more pronounced and can lead to the face having a hollowed-out and shortened appearance that makes you look much older.

#3. It may affect your mental health.

If you’ve ever lost a tooth, you may remember how strange it feels. While this discomfort may be temporarily endurable, it can grow irritating in a very short time and missing teeth definitely affect how others judge you. Finally, a missing tooth may affect your speech patterns, which can lead to a loss in self-confidence.

#4. TMJ disorder.

The muscles that help you rotate your jaw and chew attach at the temporomandibular joints or TMJ. Alterations to these muscles and interrelated systems can result in physical pain. One change that can lead to TMJ disorder is tooth loss and its lack of replacement. TMJ disorder can be diagnosed and treated by Dentalcare Carnegie, but the best treatment is always prevention!

#5. Nutrition.

Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat foods that might be difficult to chew, such as nuts, vegetables, and thick meats. Consequently, many patients with missing teeth suffer nutritional deficits.

#6. Communication.

Missing teeth can also lead to alterations in speech patterns like lisps or whistles, making speech more difficult to understand.

SO if you lost a tooth or many teeth, do not despair! Come see us at DentalCare Carnegie to discuss your options!

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Diane Carrick
Diane Carrick
Thank you so much to Julie and her Team for looking after me yesterday at such short notice. Great care and wonderful treatment. Already have my next appointment booked with her for follow up work. Extremely happy
satyaki dasgupta
satyaki dasgupta
Very nice and friendly team. All the dentists are excellent in their job and give comfort of the patient utmost priority.
Joe Zhang
Joe Zhang
I can't recommend Dr Jason Ying highly enough! His patience and clear explanations regarding my dental issues were incredibly reassuring. He took the time to ensure I understood my treatment options and developed a comprehensive plan that addressed my concerns. Exceptional care all around!
amanda nicol
amanda nicol
The team at Carnegie Family Dental are professional and caring. Their hours are convenient and there’s a great selection of Dentists to choose from, all of who are excellent!
Our experience with Dr Annie for our toddler's dental visit was fantastic! She was incredibly patient, attentive, and professional throughout the appointment. Couldn't have asked for a better dentist for our little one!
James Patishman
James Patishman
This dental care clinic exhibits exceptional professionalism and a commitment to patient satisfaction. Alex, in particular, demonstrated remarkable diligence and patience in providing dental care. I highly recommend this clinic for its outstanding services.

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