Dr Paul Aulakh

Dr Paul Aulakh

Teeth Extraction

Most people will require a complex surgical extraction of a tooth sometime during their life. It’s not a procedure patients particularly look forward to, but it certainly doesn’t need to be feared or put off. 

Many patients undergoing orthodontic treatment and may require extractions or exposure of unerupted teeth as part of the overall treatment, while some teens and young adults will require extraction of wisdom teeth as they come of age.

Here at DentalCare Carnegie

we employ the expert services of Dr Paul Aulakh, a dedicated professional Dental Surgeon who has special interest in the areas of implantology and complex extractions. He has decades of experience in this field and has acquired skills to complete these procedures with ease, and aims to minimise patients' anxiety.

Tooth Extraction Cost

Extraction of wisdom teeth is in most cases a routine procedure and can be completed by Dr Paul Aulakh in one visit. All four wisdom teeth can be removed at your appointment. 

We recommend patients take a couple of days off school or work to aid in the healing process.

The average cost of tooth extraction:

Extracting all four wisdom teeth is $1400, inclusive of consultation. 

*When an OPG x-ray is required, an additional fee of $125 will apply.

Many people do not realise that most wisdom teeth can be removed quickly and easily under Local Anaesthetic, thus avoiding the need to go into hospital and be put to sleep under a General Anaesthetic. 

An extraction of 4 wisdom teeth in hospital under a General Anaesthetic can often cost over $3500.  

Hence, having the procedure at our clinic significantly reduces cost and recovery, which means you can get on with your life faster!

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