Dr Barry Creighton


Sleep dentistry, twilight sedation, dental sedationist

For some people having dental treatment can feel very stressful and anxiety provoking. However, delaying treatment can lead to long term, irreversible oral and general health problems which can be more stressful and expensive down the track.

 At DentalCare Carnegie we understand that you may feel anxious before your treatment and that is why we have partnered with Dental Sedationist Dr Barry Creighton.

Dr Barry is a dental anesthetist who works with patients and their dentist to provide relief for patients who are anxious or uncomfortable having dental treatment, and who are undergoing procedures they find unpleasant.  Sleep dentistry also known as twilight sedation provides a gentle and safe way to relive anxiety. Dr Barry together with his registered nurse provide the opportunity for patients to have dental treatment in the familiarity of their regular dental clinic in a safe and contained way.

How does it work?

After having a consultation with your DentalCare Carnegie dentist, you will be referred to Dr Barry for a consultation.

Dr Barry will undertake a through medical consultation and assess your needs and suitability for having sleep dentistry.

Dr Barry carefully plans the dental experience together with your DentalCare Carnegie dentist and our dedicated team.

You can them complete your dental treatment while peacefully asleep in a gentle and safe way that alleviates the stress and anxiety during the treatment. When you wake you you generally do not remember any of the procedure and it is all done!